Rob is actually me. Coagulus is my old name from when I originally wrote demos and games on the Amiga. Sadly none were finished but then what is?. I'm still working on them. You may find one in the Download section of the archived Coagulus sites. Hooray!


This is me (donkeys years ago!).

Taken when I was at Croesyceiliog Comprehensive School

these ones are more recent showing my varying hair configurations!!

This guy's facial hair changes more often than something which changes a lot
This guy's facial hair changes more often than something which changes a lot

  • Name: Rob Hewitt

  • Date of Birth: I was born in '73! (*sob*)

  • Sexual Orientation: Closet heterosexual

  • Marital Status: none

  • Occupation: Works in a call centre in Cardiff - South Wales

  • Likes: Cheese, Coffee, Bigos, Curry, Beer, Rock/Metal, Classical

  • Dislikes: Liver, Lovage, Dill, Sewage (the smell puts me off!), Country, R & B, Jazz

  • Hobbies: Trying to get online mag running again, programming PC games - very slowly!, Playing Drums/Bass/Keyboard/Guitar/Singing, Karaoke, playing snooker or pool, making music, playing games and drinking beer!

  • Wish list: Money, Fame, Sex, Money, Sex, Fame and Money. Some sort of talent would be cool also. Looks could come in handy too!


Site created on - MS Frontpage (Used for speed but with the occasional tweak by hand)
Site Hosted by -
provided to me by my old mucker James Vaughan - Bass on the late Toxic Cocktail and legendary Bismuth and Bladder Perverts Guitarist
Graphics created on - MS Word, Paint Shop Pro, MSPaint (!), Dpaint and PPaint under WinUAE, Anim8or and (I think) Xara3D - and anything else no matter how weird that 'delivers'
Music created on - Archimedes ProTracker and TechTracker, Amiga ProTracker, ModPlug Tracker, Sound Recorder, Dance Ejay (!) and occasionally real instruments!
(Live music recorded at Mirage Studios in Cwmbran and Transpose in Newport and encoded using LameEnc and BladeEnc and Sound Recorder (!) )
Software created on -
Blitz Basic on Amiga under WinUAE, Blitz Basic on PC (Blitz2D), Blitz+ on PC

Games played while I should have been relaunching this site!
Bejewelled Blitz (Damn you Facebook!)  - PC
ZXDS  - Nintendo DS
GTA Vice City - PS2
Red Dead Redemption - XBOX360
FEAR, FEAR 2 and FEAR 3 - PC and XBOX360

Music I'm listening to at the moment while doing this site.
Hell - Human Remains
Kreator - Phantom Antichrist

My Favourite Emulators I use while I should be doing this site
Visual Boy Advance - The best handheld emulator!
EPSXE - THE Playstation emulator - getting very close to flawless
PSXfin - The most PSX feeling PSX emulator - used when EPSXE doesn't work!
WinUAE - Just a great Amiga emulator
FCE Ultra - A Windows NES emulator that actually works!
Kega Fusion  - By the man who wrote the legendary KGEN Plays Megadrive, Master System, Game Gear and 32x games - Oh yes
1964 - One of the best N64 emulators there is so far along with Project 64
ZXDS - the most accurate Speccy emulator I've ever used - and it's handheld for the DS!
And DCgnuboy, DreamFrodo, SMS Plus and others on the Dreamcast (great machine - can get one for peanuts now!)

Sammy, Dan B and Kat, Dan O, Nez , Leon, Magenta, Ted, Suzi, Dan H(Panthur) and Em and Flick, (that's the Dans!), Lianne and Kevin, Vicki and Snitch, Steph, Mike, Lauren and Phoebe, Jason, Gareth, Rachel, Beth, Charlie, Li'l Sarah, Jimmy, Becky, Jez, Lee, Dave, James, Owain Tanya and kiddies, Phil, Jeff, Sarah, Christine, Siobhan, Gareth, Kim, Jimmy, Mike, Adrian and Leigh, Jojo and everyone else who I've forgotten!

Copyright 1997-2006 - Rob Hewitt - No copyrights of others intentionally infringed - no piracy, no pron, no hatred, no nothing really, er - what does that leave?