My History.
I've always enjoyed creating my own music and from 1991 I wrote music using the classic Amiga music programs Soundtracker and Protracker (converted to the Acorn Archimedes by Bismuth bandmates James and Owain Vaughan) and was involved in some minor band fun in test bands such as Destruxyun (along with Toxic vocalist Gareth Higgs) and the Deep with Thermite AKA Jason Witts and Phillip Page who is TCs lead guitarist now. I concentrated on my computer music until Bismuth was formed. These were / are:-

James Vaughan - Lead guitar and music
Owain Vaughan - Rythm guitar and music
Rob Hewitt (me!) - Vocals and Bass along with lyrics and occasional music bits

James went to the USA so that was the end of that - I started writing on my own as Coagulus until I was asked by my old friend Phillip Page to session as vocalist for Cwmbran metal band Blackened Souls. I knew most of them so I gave it a crack. It didn't work out and I was ejected from the band. Phil left at the same time so we decided to form/join Toxic Cocktail (which had had a website for a year or two but nothing had happened yet. Toxic Cocktail were :-

Owain Vaughan - Rythm Guitar
Phillip Page - Lead Guitar
Gareth Higgs - Vocals, lyrics, management/organisation, camera/video
Ian Larke (RIP) then James Vaughan then ???????? - Bass
Rob Hewitt - Drums (!)

I didn't start of as the drummer, I was initially on the bass. But since there was a drumkit at the studio I thought I'd give it a crack - it worked! I'd sessioned as a drummer once before (the first time I had ever played drums!) in a band (can't remember the name!) with Ian so I knew that with me on drums, he was the obvious choice.

On Sunday 31st August there was a mini Bismuth reunion as Jim was back from the US for a few weeks so we nipped down to Mirage and played through the old songs for an hour.

On Sunday 7th September BI and Toxic Cocktail ventured into the studio. Unfortunately Ian has left the band as he has moved away but in his absence Jim took the bass role (well, he bought the bass we use!) and did a fine job for TC. Also of course all BI songs were played too and all was recorded (without vocals due to technical problems) to audio tape (!) and good fun and KFC/Beer was had by all! After a booking in the Hornblower was made, The members of the band went their seperate ways.

After around six months I got a call from Phil who said that him and Crewy (both former Blackened Souls) were trying to get a band together and would I come down and play bass. I did that for a few months (the band had no name or singer as yet and several drummers!) but by Christmas 2004 I had decided that I couldn't keep up with their monstrous riffing so switched to vocals and we brought in a bassist. After much discussion of names Demon Orgy were born and this is my current band

Rob Hewitt - Vocals
Phil Page - Lead Guitar
Mike Crew - Rythm Guitar
Adam Haddock - Bass
Big D - Drums

Have actually played gigs with this band though with varying success/audiences both as support and headlining! Lets hope it keeps up for 2006!