This is where anything that doesn't fit into the other sections will go. Not much here yet but I'm sure that it's gonna grow.

Uploaded a recording of Phil, Jim and me jamming in a different style to usual. I am on the bass while my foot is on Jim's Wah-Wah pedal. This was because we only had short leads and where I was sat, I was the only one who could reach. Phil is on a slightly echoey guitar and for a lot of the jam is the main timekeeper as we didn't use any drums (kinda hard to pre-program for a random jam!). I still play this now and again as I think it's cool anyway! This was recorded in around 1996 or 97 I think. Owain was about but was watching a TV program. This was performed upstairs in Jim and Owains old house in Malpas, Newport. Recorded on audio tape (luckily I found it!) and converted to MP3.

Added MOD files from James Vaughan, Owain Vaughan and myself to the Download section