Up to 27th September 2005 

Site News
I've finally started doing the update! As you can see, it's a mixture of old and new designs. I am now using frames as I think most browsers can cope with them these days and I like a permanent menu to stay at the top! It makes it easier to do things now as I don't have to use as many (if any!) tables to organise the text on the screen! Feel free to have a nose about but some sections are not in place yet - I will be completing this update on the weeken as I have a few days off work. Anything that is missing such as the gallery and the music sections etc... will be in the archive section at the moment.

Demon Orgy
Mike, the guitarist has damaged his finger so it is touch and go (no pun intended) as to whether he'll be at full strength for out NEXT GIG which is on October the 4th in the Meze Lounge in Newport again! Still looking forward to it as it is good fun. Don't forget to check out the site on for more updates and music clips etc.

Other news  

I have cheered up a bit since the last update sp what have I been up to.....

Cheers Lauren!
Lauren came down again on Friday, she brought me my birthday present from her and Richard early (it's this Thursday fact-fans) - A new mobile phone!!! I'm dead chuffed with it. She also brought beer which is always good in my book! She stayed over, had a drink and watched music videos and Who's Line Is It Anyway. Cheers mate!

Cheers Donal!
I have been to the Greenhouse a couple of times with Donal again! Cheers too!

Cheers Lauren and Richard!
On Saturday I stayed over Lauren and Richard's. Jimmy was there too! Good to see him again as I haven't for ages. We drank beer, watched TV, drew pictures of each other (well, Lauren and I did!), and played DVD Trivial Pursuit which was won by Lauren. They even did my not inconsiderable amount of dirty laundry which was much appreciated! An enjoyable evening, thanks again guys!

Get well soon Kat!
Kat has been off work again with her back - d'oh. Hope everything eases up soon chuck and I hope to see you and Dan for my birthday celebrations in the Greenhouse on Friday. I miss you guys :( We must all do beer soon! :-p

Oh and it's my birthday on Thursday!!!

Next time we speak - I'll be 32!!!! Aaaaargh!!!   Laterz - Byeeee!