Up to 13th February 2006

Again, more should arrive this week as I have the whole week off! Who knows, maybe the software section may rear it's ugly head again!

MY "BLOG" (still hate em but gotta do em!)
We finally got paid on Friday, the anguish is over. I never want to have to go through anything like that again! I have of course been feeling down but have had lots of help and support from good friends and work colleagues. I will take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support!! Cheers guys

I was a bit down yesterday, my friend is going through a bad time at the moment and I really feel for her. Also I embarrassed myself a little on Saturday night. I actually told a girl (not the same one) that I fancied her. She didn't believe me (!) and is now seeing someone else. That sucks, but she made her choice! That didn't help my Sunday mood either! I spent most of yesterday lying on my sofa in the darkness. Am OK today now, needed yesterday so I didn't spread it over the week so to speak.

Tomorrow is a bad day for me though. This is the original reason why I booked the week off. I have given the odd card out but in 32 years have never ever received a valentine card. That says a lot, even in school I was always the odd one out. So I'll get tomorrow out of the way and enjoy today and the rest of the week after.

So, blog over, what have I done!

Friday booze up!
As it was payday, it was only a definite proposition to visit the pub and drink beer! Met up with Dan and Rachel in the Greenhouse and made our way up to the Three Blackbirds. Hi to Donal, Rachel, Emma, Chris, Dan H, Suzi, Dan D, Nicola, Mark, Mark, Pov, Ben, Chris, Nerys, Gareth, James, Nathan, Danielle, Dave, Dan M, Sage, Claire, Carrie and the multitude of other people who I have probably failed to list!

Saturday er.... booze up!
As Friday was so good, it was decided to have a Saturday booze up too! We started in the Greenhouse, went to the Blackbirds and then finished off in Wetherspoons as it shuts at 1! It was a great night and I really enjoyed myself although I did embarrass myself, it doesn't detract from a great night. Hi to Lauren, Vicki, Snitch, Rachel, Beth, Dan, Chloe, Carl, Donal, Emma, Chris, Nicola, Dave and again probably loads of others who were there!

After tomorrow, the only way is up!!! Speak soon.... byeeeeeee!