Up to 18th February 2006

Well, I've added a review to the Film section of the mag - gotta get my finger out a bit more though!

MY "BLOG" (still hate em but gotta do em!)
All of this week I have had off work, I had plenty of holidays left and after the fiasco of pay previously, I needed it. I've been trying to tidy up a bit but unfortunately I did my back in on Tuesday so by Thursday I could hardly walk! It's feeling a bit better today now though so hopefully I won't have to take any sickness off work. They frown upon that sort of thing they do.

I'm actually feeling a lot more up now too since the weekend. Maybe having the week off to gather myself back in was what I needed. I've had contact with friends too such as Lauren, Dan B, Kat, Dan O, Nez, Rachel, Beth, Dan H, Jemma and Chloe which has certainly stemmed off my notorious "lonliness factor"!

It's Saturday today so a bit more tidying up to do now that my back is er... back! And then off to the pub tonight for drinkies!

What have I done over this week then

I went over to visit my good mate Nez first of all, me and her boyfriend Dan got her PC working and then Nez and I went to the Prince Of Wales pub in Newport for some beer and pool (afternoon pints seem to count double!). It was very enjoyable as we hadn't done that for ages. Lauren came down for a little bit and she and I then went off to Dan and Kat's place for music and drinkies! I bought for a change! Was a very enjoyable day and cheers to all those involved! Stayed over Dan and Kat's that evening (I think that was probably what put my back out - whoops!).

Anti-Valentines Day!
Dan left for work early so I spent the daytime with Kat, we had some food, walked to the shops and spent the day watching old shows like Kojak, Quincy and even Murder She Wrote! Quite chilled. Got a lift home from Dan as it was best to let them have their evening together! Lauren and I, had a curry from the Curry Box. Wasn't expecting to actually do anything on that day but was good to see her. For the record, Lauren and I are just really good friends (and have been for some time now!)  for the anyone who may think otherwise. Cheers Lolly!

Wednesday Breakfast, Cinema and Band!
Chloe came over in the morning and we went to Cwmbran Town Centre for breakfast and a bit of shopping which was cool! In the evening I went to the cinema in Newport with Lauren to see Final Destination III (see review). It was then time for band practice which went pretty well. 

Wasn't the best day, my back was at it's worst and I had a stinking cold which left me with no energy but to lie on the sofa and nap! By the time of band practice in the evening though I was a little better and the practice seemed to go pretty well despite not actually having a drummer present!

Friday Drinkies
Popped into the Greenhouse with Rachel and we ended up in the Three Blackbirds for booze, pool and music. Hi to Rachel, Dan, Mark, Dan, Danni, Ben, Sage, Gareth and anyone else I've forgotten!

Back to work next week - boo! Will tell you all about it next week! Laterz..........