Up to 20th March 2006

Fraid I've not got around to anything new in the last month. Sorry guys. It will happen veeeeery slowly!

MY "BLOG" (bloomin things!)

I afraid my mood when alone still hasn't improved since the last "blog" so I'll summarise. Still skint too often. Still single with no sign of that ever changing. Still consider myself unattractive. Still getting depressed when alone and out of contact with people. Still expect (some) things to improve. Still thankful for my friends! There, that was easier than writing the same-old again!

I wasn't well for most of last week either with some sort of flu-like thing. Was completely drained of energy. Still not 100% now but much, much better. I went to work for half an hour and had to come home. 48 hours of being in the flat, not well, and alone wasn't a great time. I will get into trouble in work for being ill now too, how they can possibly think I was having a good time off work is beyond me. 

To be honest my disdain for my current job is getting worse too. I've been doing the same job for about 4 years there. This is no mean feat when you consider that there are only two people in the entire establishment who have been there longer than me. The job I do, on paper at least, is probably the easiest job in there. All I do is read a sheet of paper to customers, once they've agreed to sign up for the product, to make sure they know what's going on. It's basically customer service meets covering the company's ass! However if there are no sales, there is absolutely nothing else for me to do. You need a very high boredom tolerance for the job. After 4 years it's finally getting to me.

Also it's the most unappreciated job in there. I've not had a pay rise for 2 years. Agents despise the "verification" part as there sale might not go through (which is then "my fault" of course). Team leaders think I don't do enough work even though there is nothing else to the job and also blame me if sales don't go through. I am accused of being too slow even though when I've timed my calls compared to Team leaders doing the "verification", I'm about twice as fast as them. I also have all the authority in the building, of a crumb in the carpet, and get walked over more I expect.

I need a job where I'm actually doing some work. I believe that the boredom and stupid hours of the job (recently changed to 1 till 9 fact fans!), contribute to my rotten mood outside work. A satisfying or at least productive job must lead to a more relaxing evening. The only thing I would miss about the job is the people that work there. They're the nicest colleagues I've ever worked with and although most don't stay for very long, I've still made some great friends there! I would never have met Lauren, Rachel, Christine, Richard, Jimmy, Chris H, Antony, Dan H, Donal, Chris, Emma, Kat, Lowey, Adam, Gemma, David, Luitsa, Sarah, Krystal, Danielle, Chloe, Chris (another one!), Suzy, Dan D, Dan M, Dave, Mark, Gareth, Helen, Donna, Jamie, Amy, Tracy. Blimey, that's probably not all of them but as you can see, it can be a good place to make friends! That's it's one and only good point apart from the fact that it's kept me emplyed for nearly five years!

Also the Greenhouse closed yesterday. I've always said when asked why I work at my place, "it's five minutes walk away and the Greenhouse is by it! If the Greenhouse goes, I go!", Now that the Greenhouse has gone that's the last straw, I will be actively seeking another job. Maybe that will help things. At least this year I am trying to change stuff, fed up of the rut I was in!

Phew, that was a mouthful, another epic (b)logged down
What's else happened over the last month  then!

Cos it's been so long since the last update, I'll only list a few things. I'll be typing all day otherwise!

Lauren, Gareth, Anthony and I met up at the Queens Vaults in Cardiff on Friday 17th! We had a beer and then Lauren and I went to see Trivium at Cardiff University Great Hall. It was a belter of a gig and I will post a review as soon as I can. Afterwards all four of us met up in Metros, where more beer was drunk and dancing was done. We all stayed at Lauren's house and enjoyed pancakes for breakfast. Although I think I had a few too many. A good time, cheer Lolly for putting us up! And a very happy birthday to Anthony.

End of an Era! The Greenhouse 1719-2006 (hopefully that's not it!)
We had all planned on going to the Greenhouse on Saturday anyway but it turned out that it was fortunate. When we arrived we found out that it was the last night of the place. Gutting. I got completely out of my tree and unfortunately argued with Lauren which I regret (we're ok now though, phew!). I still had a good night and was glad so many people made it. Hi to Lauren, Dan H, Jeff, Donal, Chris, Rachel, Vicky and Snitch! A special thanks for the hospitality and friendship of Anita, Martin and Stu who had been living and running the pub for over 10 years. I hope the Greenhouse comes back but there is only a faint hope of it ever being the same again. A sad day but a good send off.

I know this may upset her but I have to mention the passing of Lauren's cat of 18 years, Sunny Jim. He was a great cat (white persian, oozing with character) and over the last 5 years, I got on with him great. He will be sorely missed.

Time to face work, will let you know what happens sooner next time! Hopefully! Laterz..........