Up to 29th March 2006

Managed to get  a couple of reviews up and a new gallery page for y'all. It's getting there, next business is to get the software section up and running again! Soon I hope!

MY "BLOG" (eeek!)

My mood is on the up I'm sure. I believe that I will get a better (if not better paid) job by the summer and I also may be getting my rear end out of this flat as well by then I hope. Only time will tell of course if these two things do pan out but I certainly believe so at the moment.

On the romance front, nothing is on the horizon and nothing looks like it's even close to being on the horizon so I'm not thinking about things like that at the moment. I was getting far too depressed and you only live once and to waste it worrying and wallowing about things like that is an er... waste!

Work is still pants and actually even more so than before! Monday and Tuesday were absolutely horrid. I spent both evenings fuming about the place and can't wait to get out of there. Didn't really speak to anyone on those evenings either which didn't help but I do have band practice tonight which should take my mind off it and allow me to vent my spleen on a microphone! Gotta get another job though but am being changed to weekly pay next month which'll make it even easier to "escape"! Payday in two days time though so that should help too!

And that's all I'm gonna say this week! What else have I done then!?

Not very often I visit a Karaoke night what with band practices and everything so was good to visit The Six In Hand pub on Thursday with Anthony, Lauren and Dan! I was too croaky (no pun intended) to sing but Anthony and Dan put up great performances. Lol, Dan and I afterwards got a curry from the Khan Balti in Pontnewydd which was excellent. Was a good night! Cheers guys!

Cheers to Lauren who picked me up from work on Friday and I stayed at her place on Friday and Saturday night. We went shopping, boozed, played games, watched tv and films, listened to music, made cheesecake and Angel Delight and had food! I had a fun weekend and considering it was the weekend before payday for me, it was an excellent way to spend it with excellent company. Cheers Lol!!!

Welcome back Kat
Even though I'm having a rough time in work it was great to see Kat back there. She started traing for the bit I'm on on Monday. I've missed you hun! x

Happy Birthday Donna
Donna had her birthday on Sunday. Have a great celebration on Friday!!

That's yer lot for now, speak soon!!!! Byeeeeeee..........