Up to 19th April  2006

I'm working on a couple of bits to go up, they are not ready yet - but they'll be back soon.

MY "BLOG" (more misery, nooooo!)

Actually, I've not been too bad for the last few weeks! I don't want to tempt fate but the things that were getting me down personally before have not really been bothering me of late. I've decided to be a "look but don't touch" person which was something I was always good at in the past anyway so it makes sense. I am available if anyone is interested but they will have to come and get me. So there! ;-)

Work is still being a right royal pain in the you know what though. Last Thursday, the day before I was supposed to be starting a welcomed weekly pay, I was told that I would be staying on monthly pay. After turning the air such a shade of blue that Chubby Brown and Bernard Manning blushed, it got sorted. I managed to get an advance to see me over the bank holiday weekend and will now hopefully be paid this Friday. I was off work sick with coughing and sneezing today which means not only will I not get paid for today, but I'll also face a disciplinary when I go back in. The sooner I get a proper job the better.

My flat is still in a bit of a state at the mo too but, like this site, will get there in the end.

My friends have been a great help to me over the past few months to get me through this. Special mentions to Lauren and Rachel who have been life savers, along with Dan, Chris and Emma, Dan and Suzi, Donal, Gareth, Jeff, Kat and Dan, Phil, Crewy, Donal, Paul and everyone else I have had nights out with.

Also, my best friend (and regular contributer) Lauren is going out with one of my oldest mates (lead singer of Toxic Cocktail and occasional contributer to this site!), The Sheriff AKA Gareth - Yay! All the best to both of you!

So what has happened in the last few weeks then?

Demon Orgy cancel.... again
Sadly, due to injury, Demon Orgy had to cancel our first gig of the year in the Hornblower supporting Honour Among None at the last minute. Our drummer had damaged his hand during the day so that was that. A bit of a blow but I'm sure we'll be back. We have a practice tonight I think although I've had no confirmation yet. What with me having yet another blinkin' cold it will be an interesting session too. (EDIT: spoke to Phil, him and Mike are going in on their own to write some stuff so I can stay off and recover!) .We'll be back I'm sure. We've had word that our old band Blackened Soul (was Souls when Phil, Mike and I were in it) are no more. Good luck to all of 'em. 

Yep, it was time for the gangs annual outing to celebrate the getting older of veteran contributer to the old Coagulus site Thermite AKA Jason Wiits. We met up in the Blower and then went to TJs to see UK Guns And Roses (formerly Bad Obsession) who are a GnR tribute band. They were amazing, I'll put the pics up soon in a new gallery page. Due to lack of funds and er... too much beer, I left a little early after the band finished but it was a good evening. Hi to Witts, Phil, Lauren and Gareth, Dan and Hayley, Jeff and Owain and Tanya. Lauren and Gareth stayed at mine that evening and we went to Pizza Hut for an all-you-can eat buffet lunch the next day! I was stuffed!

Cheers to Rachel who dragged my sorry a$$ all the way to Meze in Newport a few weeks ago. I wasn't exactly 'up' for it but it was a great night anyway, Heck, I even danced!! I spent a bit more money than I'd have liked but there you go.

The Greenhouse is back -  I repeat - THE GREENHOUSE IS BACK!!!
Yep, I didn't think it would take too long but that was quicker than I'd thought. The Greenhouse in Llantarnam reopened for business last Friday under new management. It was a bit wierd on the first day looking around and seeing what was different but it was a packed evening nonetheless. Hi to Chris and Emma who joined me for the evening as well. I am a happy Rob, although The Blackbirds wasn't too bad a replacement and I had a few good nights in there over the last few weeks, it's a lot further from my flat. I'm a bit lazy like that you see.

Well, apart from chocolate eggs, what else are you gonna do over the Easter break! I visited my Sisters on Saturday, The Greenhouse on Friday, Sunday and Monday and Wetherspoons on the Friday  too. Hi to Mike, Chris and Emma, Lauren (who had been in Brighton all weekend but still made it down on Monday), Stu and anyone else I've missed out! I certainly wasn't bored and I wasn't exactly sober either!

That's it for now, I've probably missed out loads of things but that's booze for you! speak soon!!!! Byeeeeeee..........