Up to 15th May  2006 (it's not my fault!)

As you may have noticed there was a bit of downtime and this site hasn't been updated since. Today is the first day I've had proper access to  the server since it went down and of course, Coagulus Speaks is the first thing I've done. Glad the server is back and more secure than ever from the scourge of hackers. More stuff will continue to dribble slowly onto this site once more!

MY "BLOG" (here we go)

Because it's been so long since I wrote one of these, I don't actually know where to start. My best friend Lauren has been going through a bit of an emotional rollercoaster of late and I've tried my very best to be there for her. It  was tough going but absolutely necessary.

Relationships look further away than ever although with events that have happened recently have put me off my pining a bit anyways. So that's all I can say about that really.

Financially I've been a bit grim of late. The scourge of Council tax put a dent into my budget and then the phone bill arrived. That bill is not paid yet so it looks like I'm not gonna be out much over the coming weeks. Especially as I've got to get some money together for the Monsters of Rock in Milton Keynes at the beginning of next month. I have a ticket for that!! Yay

My flat is in a bit of a state at the moment too. One of the (many) problems with being a batchelor is that one gets extremely lazy when on my own. That means that junk gets strewn everywhere. Because my weekend will be quiet, I am gradually attacking this too. My grass is starting to get very long which means my neighbour-from-hell will soon be complaining to the council about it like she always does too.

I am also finally trying to give up smoking. I've cut down a lot today and hope that by the end of the week I'll have cut down completely. Lauren gave me some patches which I have been reluctant to use but I may well be breaking them out for the weekend. Another vice will soon be biting the dust I hope!

So, what has happened over the last month

My South East Wales booze-athon
A few weeks ago I went to visit my great mate Suzi whom I hadn't seen since she left 'the callcentre where I work' the month before. She lives in Pontnewynydd which was surprisingly easy to get to on the bus. We had beer and I visited the pub where she is working now and had a few more beers! It was great to see her again, a shame her boyfriend Dan D was in work though. I also couldn't make Steve's birthday party which they were going to due to prior commitments. I headed back to Cwmbran by about 6 and got picked up by Gareth and Clare (spelling?) who drove me to Laurens in Cardiff. While there we watched TV, listened to music and drank copious more amounts of booze. Then it was off to Bogiez in Cardiff for a rip roaring rocking night out. I was quite merry but not ill which was good and danced all night! Didn't go to sleep till about 4:30 and stayed at Laurens for Sunday dinner too which was cool. Cheers to everyone I saw and partied with that day, it was a goody!

Karaoke nights and Happy Birthday Chris
I have atttended regular Karaoke nights in the Greenhouse with Dan H and they have been a great laugh despite occasionally being quite empty. Means we can sing more. Also quite often present have been Chris and Em. And last friday was Chris' birthday so a big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATE" to him as well. Also Rachel has been down a few times and it's always good to party with her. See you all soon again!

Happy Birthday Sazieeeeee!!
Yep, Happy Birthday to Sarah for last Tuesday. Sarah, Lauren, myself and Vicky and Snitch went to the Hornblower and partook in some beverages. Then Sarah, Lauren, Vicky and I went to Meze to continue the frivolity. It was a good night and great to see Sarah again as I hadn't for a while. Musn't leave it so long next time!

Happy Birthday Pageyeeee!! And Happy Birthday Maryeeeeeee!!
It was Phil's (lead guitar of Demon Orgy and previously Blackened Souls and Toxic Cocktail and old friend) birthday the week before last. Although he couldn't make it we had a great night out in his honour. It was also Mary's birthday so many people from both "fan-clubs" were out. Present were, Me, Gareth, Dan H, Lauren, Vicky, Snitch, Donna, Steph, Owain, Tanya and Mary. We went to the Blower and then to the Riverside. There was a bit of drama at the end of the night but apart from that it wasn't a bad night. Happy birthday to both!

On Saturday evening, I went to Dan and Kat's place and we listened to music, drank beer, ate pizza and generally had a good laugh. I did fall over while messing around and now have a sore bum-bone! Cheers guys for a great evening and I hope to see you again soon.

Cheers to Dan H, Rachel, Lauren, Chris, Em and David who have been with me for drinks in the Greenhouse a few times!

Hi to Chloe who I'd not seen for a while but turned up in the Greenhouse a few weeks back.

A big thank you to all just for being yourselves too!

I bet I missed out loads again, it should be a shorter gap next time. Server permitting of course. Byeeeeeeeeeee!