Up to 19th June  2006 (this gap was my fault - whoops!!)

I've just not had the time to really get my teeth into this site lately, thought I'd better do a Coagulus Speaks though since it's been so long since the last one. 

MY "BLOG" (It's that time again)

Again, it's been a while since I put "pen to paper" so to speak, emotionally I've had a few highs and lows this week. If I start with the lows then I'll end this blog in a much better mood I'm sure. 

Financial news: I'm stuffed. It's got to the stage now where I'll have to knock even going to the Greenhouse on a Friday on the head or else I'm gonna end up out on the street. The phone bill needs to be paid and I had given serious thought to knocking both it and the internet on the head. I'd probably go "completely" insane if I did that as I'm lonely enough as it is. So that is staying for at least a while. After that is paid I have to scrape together the electricity or else there's no point in having the net! It wouldn't be so bad if I thought I had anything of value to sell but I haven't. My flat is full of worthless junk.

Emotionally I've definately had some down points over the last month. About a month ago I had a huge argument with my best friend Lauren which was sorted out the day after but still mighty bad form on my part. That left me feeling like crud for the whole week afterwards. Also the financial problems have caused me being down too. All of this and I even considered leaving DemonOrgy at one point as I really just wanted to lock myself in my flat and wallow. The lack-of-girlfriend situation has not improved but that was actually the least of my worries and it hasn't actually bothered me.

As mentioned above, my flat is in a state at the moment. I've worked out that I tend to tidy up because people are visiting, that hasn't happened much over the last month. Dan H has come down a few times, and the flat has been dodgy. I have to get that sorted out as well.

My feelings about work are at their lowest too. Everyone just had a pay rise except the new starters (who will when they've past their probabtionary period) and me (who won't get one simple as that). This effectively makes me the lowest paid contracted employee on the outbound sales team. Because of the financial "fun" I've got at the moment, I can't afford to leave without some cash behind me either. So I'm trapped there for the time being. Everyone else gets to do a 10-6 week except me. I'm on a "permanent" 1-9 shift which sucks.

I know how to ease the cash flow problems but it's not pleasant. For the next month or two, apart from extremely special occasions (birthdays/weddings/other etc) I'm gonna have to not go out or spend any money apart from basic food and bills. This will be incredibly hard for me as I crave company always. If I don't do it though I'll end up losing everything.

Don't think by reading that page of "joy" that good stuff hasn't happened mind. I'll go into more detail below but thanks to Lauren, Rachel, Kat, Dan H, Hayley, Nerys, Witts, Em and Chris and the guys in the band for making it far more enjoyable in many places.

So, what has happened over the last month

Monsters of Rock! Rocked!
A few weeks ago it was time to go to my first festival since 2000! The Mosters of Rock in the Milton Keynes bowl. Phil, Jason (Thermite) and I travelled up in one car, a replacement which Phil bought a few days before after his old one died, Lauren and Richard tailed us in her car. We got to Milton Keynes fairly easily on the Friday but finding a place to camp was another matter. There were no tents anywhere which was well unusual for a festival. Our old campsite had been bulldozed but Lauren remembered a place where she camped before so we tried that. There were no tents there either but we put ours up anyway! Nice one Lolly!! Within about ten minutes, others turned up with their tents and a campsite was born. We had a great and extremely boozy Friday night boozin. The festival was great and I'll post a full review of that bit soon.

Boating Lake BBQ
Em and Chris organised a BBQ at the boating lake with Dan and Hayley, Chris' cousin Dan and his brother Rob. Much meat was consumed and beer was drunk, it was a good evening and I'll post some piccys from it soon!

Dan H and Hayley held a BBQ at Dan's place in Ty Canol! Chris, Em and I went up by taxi and I ended up staying the night there. Again, meat was eaten and beer and other alcoholic beverages were consumed. Everybody got extremely merry and it was a great evening. Dan got his guitar into the garden and we had a jam. The neighbours were even shouting requests! There was plenty of drama and stories which I won't go into but nothing bad, just probably a bit embarrassing for some! A great night, cheers guys. Photos from this one soon too!

A DemonOrgy gig!!
That's right, we ended up playing the Meze lounge on a scorching Tuesday night. It was our first gig this year and it felt great to finally get out there. We were a little messy but the audience seemed not to notice! And I enjoyed myself back up there again. The other bands were good too! Hi to Steve from Fatal Taunt who delivered a great set in their first gig too. No photos from this gig though I'm afraid as only Dan H turned up and we didn't have a camera. He said we were good though.

Pub  Boozin!
A couple of Fridays and a SundayI have been in the Greenhouse with Rachel which have been good nights, also present have been Chris, Em, Jayde, Dave, Dave K, Lowey, Jay, Nathan, Becky, Dan and Kat, and many others. They've been good nights. Cheers all!

I've had a few games of snooker with Dan H as well. His game is improving and I'm giving him what tips I can. Snooker is a relaxing game but can also be frustrating if you're not "on it" so to speak. I've enjoyed the evenings and even through the frustration, I think Dan has as well!

That's probably only half the stuff but there you go, speak soon!