Up to 5th December 2006 (I've been online a bit but not! Sort it out BT!!!!)

I've had an upgrade to my broadband from BT which has left my connection unstable and extremely slow. In fact my upload speed is three times faster than my download speed!
Hopefully, it and I will get my act together this week and put together some new pages for the site. Fingers crossed! At least I'm still doing this bit now and again though eh?

My 'Blog'
I never find writing these things easy, it's hard for me to really open up. Every time I finish one though I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders so it has to be done!

Regular readers and friends will know that I am not known to have any luck with the opposite sex. As will not be a surprise to  some of you out there who know me and my history with "the ladies", nothing happened with that girl I spoke of in the last 'Coagulus Speaks'. She decided to go back with her "ex". That was always a possibility, I could see it on her face, but It doesn't make it any more reassuring for me though or any less painful. We still get along, her and I anyway, her boyfriend hates my guts and who can blame him. I still feel that maybe I could have done more, but I don't think there would have been a future while he was still on her mind. Anyway, that's all I can really say on the matter apart from to say I'm not looking for anyone else now, I'm fed up of let downs. That's the third time this has happened to me now so that's me done.

I'm still unemployed too which is not good. My sleep pattern is all messed up. I'm writing this at 5 in the morning and I've already been up a hour! Hoping to find something this week now. It's gotta happen, or it'll be a slow Christmas. Boredom is bad, will try and do some more tidying up this week too to take my mind off things.

Ahem.... so, what else have I been up to since the last CS........

I visited the Greenhouse for a Karaoke night with Rachel and my sister. Was great to sing again as I was getting itchy. Since the 'hiatus' of Demon Orgy, I've not been exercising my voice as I should have. Plenty of beer was drunk and the girls had a good time too I think!

Had a late night gaming session with a girl I know last week. Mario Kart and Mario Party mainly. I didn't do too bad on Mario Party (3) but got my a$$ pretty much kicked by her on Mario Kart! And I thought I was good at that game. Must practice more.

On Friday night, Lauren and my sis, Lianne came down for a drink and a laugh! I had already stuffed my face during the day with an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet, so we ordered a 16 inch pizza from Yummies!! Pizza overkill city! Was a great night thanks guys. Lauren stayed over and the next day we went shopping. Lolly bought me some coffee scented candles. And I don't even like coffee (sarcasm)!!

Saturday I went to the Three Blackbirds with Rachel, Suzi, Dan, Jez and Lee. It was a good night and, despite me being skint, I got 'persuaded' to go to the Meze Lounge in Newport to continue the revelry. Much beer was drunk and a lot (yes, a lot!) of dancing occurred. At the end of the night it was just Rachel and I left so we decided to go and get a curry. On our way there we noticed that it was about 5 in the morning! No one told us that Meze stayed open late on a weekend. We thought it was about 2 in the morning. I wondered why I was knackered! Suffice to say, the curry place was closed so we got a taxi home. I say we, actually Rachel paid for it. I'll make it up to you hun!

Not what it sounds like! I visited a mate on Sunday (once I'd eventually got up at about 2 in the afternoon!) and we watched School of Rock and had chinese food. Also had a bit of a dance in the living room. Not bad considering we'd had no beer. What was in that food!?!

OTHER NEWS........

Good Luck Em!
Em starts her new job in St.Dials this week. Hope it goes and feels much, much better than "that callcentre" where we used to work. Good luck... chuck.....!

Happy Birthday Christine!
I'm pretty sure it's Chris' birthday this week. I hope I haven't missed it. Have a great day hun!

Congratulations Mike!
Mike (rhythm guitar for Demon Orgy) has (well between him and his missus) had a baby girl. Congratulations mate! He has contacted me to say that Demon Orgy will return in January too which is double good news!

Hi Dan!
Hi to Dan H (Panthur) who has moved to Swansea. I miss our gaming sessions mate! We will have to find some online stuff to play once my broadband goes from 115Kb (yes, kilobits!) to the "up to 8 meg" I was promised by BT. Or alternatively, feel free to visit of course! ;-)

Many thanks!
Cheers to all the people who've offered me support over my recent "woman and job troubles". I probably gave you all a pretty severe "earful" and I appreciate every last one of you!

Anyhooo..... my hands are getting weary, need my strength to lift coffee cups and tidy up.... Byeeeeeeeeeeeee!