Up to 14th December 2006

Managed to get by broadband speed up a little - It's now just over 4 times faster than dial up! Up to 8-Meg they said, should had placed more emphasis on the "up to" bit. Nothing really to add to the site at the moment. Hopefully I'll get round to doing some more stuff soon. It's nearly time for a new gallery page I think!

My 'Blog'
Brief and to the point on the "that girl" situation first. It's all over. So much for that then. Well, at least I actually kissed a girl this year!

My mobile has died. Booo. Blimmin thing won't charge at all. What's even more annoying is I'd just put 10 credit on there. Considering my financial situation at the moment is pretty grim that's extremely annonying.

I've had a cold too which, when you're stuck in a flat on your own, is not an ideal situation for someone who gets down as easily as me. Had no energy to do anything which has left the flat in a bit of a state. Will rectify that a bit today as I'm feeling a little better but more bored today (you can always tell when I'm really bored or excited as I write one of these!).

No luck on the job front either. This time of year is never the best for finding work. I've only ever got jobs in two months, August and January. Fingers crossed it'll be January at the very latest!

I've been missing my friends badly, it's a side-effect of all the "spare" time I've had. Some have had things that they have to do and I understand that while others are simply away. If it weren't for the few that have stayed in contact with me (you know who you are!), I'd have gone loopy! Cheers to you lot.

What else has happened then........

Boozing and Guests!!
Lauren and Richard came down to stay over last Friday. They joined me at the Three Blackbirds and we had a bit of a boozin! Some wierd stuff happened to me which I won't go into but they were there to support me and I'm very grateful to them. We also popped into the Greenhouse for one.

Saturday Boozing!
Met up with Rachel at the Greenhouse, had a drink and then went to the Blackbirds again. Was a great night, hi to Dave, Becky, Kamila, another Dave, Jason, Callie, Jemma, Sparky and Luitsa. Was good to see y'all and I've probably missed a few of you too! Rach and I, after the Blackbirds closed, went back down to the Greenhouse for one while Rachel got a taxi. Cheers to the manager of the Greenhouse who managed to get one when we couldn't. The driver was nice enough to drop me home at no extra charge too.

Sunday Boozing! (Hmmmm, people are gonna start frowning at me!)
After having my Sunday dinner with my folks, I went to Lianne and Kevin's for a drink. Was a pretty late one so I stayed the night. Was a great night but I did wake up with a cold. None of them had one though so I must have caught it off one of the cats!

OTHER NEWS........

Happy Birthday Chris!
My mate Christine had her birthday on Tuesday. I thought it was last week, which is why I wrote this then too! Happy Birthday. As soon as I get cash I'll buy you a drinky!

Hi Sarah W!
My mate from work who I haven't seen for well over a year contacted me last week. I got a card from her this week. In fact, as I write this, it's the only Christmas card I've got! Cheers Sarah, miss you hun!

Right, that's another one out of the way.... Byeeeeeeeeeeeee!