Up to 17th January 2006

Well, it's taking a bit longer than I'd hoped but the site is gradually becoming the one that I've always wanted. The music section is back in along with a new DemonOrgy section. The other sections will gradually appear back slowly and I've renamed the reviews section to the Mag Section as that will contain eventually the equivalent of how Coagulus first started, with "a lot of a little and a little of a lot" and "everything gelling" again! More sections to trickle in soon peeps!

MY "BLOG" (eaurghh - I hate that word)
I'd forgotten how boring my evenings are when I'm on a 10 till 6 shift and skint. I get lonely and bored very easily and yesterday was one of those nights. People think I go to the Greenhouse after work because I'm a bit of an alcoholic but I never drink on my own in the flat. It's really because there are (some!) people there who I can speak to. Also work is pretty dull at the moment so doesn't set me up  for a good evening alone either. My problem is I think too much, and it does get me down if I don't find something to do! Although actually typing this up is helping!

I actually went to bed before 10 in the evening due to this. I did however cook some food for the week though and froze it so I can just pop it into the microwave when I need to. Will come in handy when I have band practice and don't want to spend hours cooking. Tonight I'm gonna try and plan my evening while in work so I don't just sit around and wallow which never helps and could get addictive!

I still really need to tidy up parts of my flat that I've let go as well. Notably, the Kitchen and the bedroom. Now the bedroom isn't used by me (chance would be a fine thing!) but it is used by friends and to be honest if this was a hotel I'd be asking for a refund, there is junk everywhere! My weekend is looking pretty empty so will attack the Kitchen first, then the bedroom. I think my brother in law is going to help me do a run to the tip to expell some of my hoarded tat from over the years too. That should help.

I'm also thinking of cutting my hair off again. The only "action" I've seen in the last three years is when I had short hair nearly a year ago and that includes being sat at tables with up to five single girls. I'm not expecting miracles but statistically it seems to help a little. Still toying with the idea for now though.

I know it's dodgy ranting about things on here, but if I do it here I won't need to speak of it again to friends which I know they don't like me doing! Hell, I'd be bored of it by now!

Anyway, enough about all that for now.... what else has happened over the last 10 days!

Sadly my mate Rachel has left "The Callcentre where I work" again. She will be missed. I did manage to have a beer with her last friday though which was cool. She is now talking about moving to Portugal in the summer which is a bit sad but something she says she "has to do" so good luck to her. I'm sure we'll do beer again before that though!

Lauren and Richard came down on Saturday and brought their old Dyson for me to have if I could get it fixed. I could, and it's great. Cheers guys! Lauren wasn't drinking so collected Dan and Kat and brought them down as well as dropping them back afterwards. We drank beer, ate curry, watched funny videos and I really enjoyed the evening. Cheers to all of you!

Until next time.... bye for now!