Up to 23rd January 2006

Little bits here and there are appearing! I actually wrote a new review last week! The Software section still isn't back yet but as soon as I get back into my coding (I take long breaks!), it'll be back. The Music section is back however with a new, albeit small "Demon Orgy" section!

MY "BLOG" (eaurghh - I hate that word)
Remember I said last week that I had a boring night, well that continued for the entire week! Sadly the band practices were cancelled and also Lauren couldn't make it down. I was skint too which meant many an evening sat in my flat staring at a wall. Bogus. Got a bit depressed, well put it this way I was looking forward to going to work each day cos I'd see some people! Lauren and Sheriff were available for chats on MSN which was good and Rachel spoke to me a few times on the phone! 

I did however argue with Lauren a couple of times over the last week. That's not like me at all! We are OK now but it wasn't a fun thing to be involved in and I regret it terribly. Friends should not be arguing, that's wrong. I was on a downer and can have the odd moment when I'm not exactly "on top fun form" - avoid me at those points! Briefly though of course! ;-) 

I did go to the Greenhouse on Friday for a much needed drink, had to use a tab cos I'm skint. Only the second time I've had to do that in about 5 years so they were ok with it.

I decided that I would have my hair cut short so on Sunday I got it cut. Only time will tell if it makes a blind bit of difference! But that's life. I am feeling a bit better in myself this week, not depressed at all yet! And that's good for the "week before payday" cos that's always a bit dull! Roll on next week!

So.... what else has happened over the last week!

My mother's birthday was on Saturday, I managed to get her a card as did Dan and Kat, and we paid her a visit! Hope you had a great day and I'll get you something when I get paid!

Lauren down on Saturday which was great cos we'd planned to meet up during the week but it had gone a bit pear shaped! We did myspace stuff, created "emo" versions of ourselves and watched "Wake Up Ron Burgundy" which had had bad reviews but we thought it was pretty good. Sadly her boyfriend Rich was ill so couldn't make it! Cheers Lolly and hope you are well soon/now Rich!

Until next time.... bye for now!