Up to 30th January 2006

Not had any time to finish the missing bits but I do have a week off soon. That should get all of the bits needed to make this site complete for the first time in ages! Don't forget if you have any reviews, articles or pictures then send them to me at rob(at) (replace the (at) with an @ symbol of course!). Be great to hear from you.

MY "BLOG" (I still hate that word)
I have been feeling a lot better this week. Not been down at all in fact even though I've still had a few "lonely" days, I've kept myself sane and not depressed about it! This is good and I hope it will continue. I think there has been more interest from the laydees since I cut my hair too, people seem to pay more attention to me now which I can't complain about either!

My next priority now that I've tidied myself up is the flat. That is gonna be a bit of a task. Thanks to Lauren  and Richard though I do have a decent Vacuum cleaner now though which will help no end! I have booked a week off in February to do such things.

It's payday tomorrow which is always a good day for me. Bills do have to be paid. I need to get a TV licence so I can use my telly again. Not that there's anything on of course but the option will be there then.

So then.... what else happened to me over the last week!

Lauren paid me a surprise visit last Monday bearing bags of shopping for me! It's the week before payday and essentials are always on the grim side at that time! That girl is a true lifesaver and quite possibly one of the best friends I've ever had! We had a curry from the Curry Box too and watched some funny stuff. A very unexpected day! Cheers Lolly! x

My bro-in-law's birthday was on the Tuesday but being skint I couldn't celebrate. I popped down on Sunday for a few drinks with him and I'm sure we'll be going for a game of snooker soon. Haven't done that in ages!

On Friday I went with a few people from work to the Greenhouse for end of the week drinks! Hi to Chloe, Donal, David, Carrie and Sage who were there. I was just about to leave when I got a call from Rachel to say that her and Beth were on their way down! So I stayed for the rest of the evening, it was the first time I'd had a drink with both of them in ages! Must do it again soon! I had to use a tab in the pub which was appreciated. Will pay them back on Tuesday!

Dan and Kat came down on Saturday! We drank beer, ate chinese food and watched funny stuff. It was a great night. Kat had a bad knee which meant she was hobbling a bit. Hope it gets better soon hun! Cheers guys, see you soon!

That's yer lot for now.... byeeeeeee!