Up to 2nd February 2006

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MY "BLOG" (Has to be done)
Well, I was feeling better! Payday was supposed to be Tuesday and I was expecting a great week. Unfortunately "the callcentre where I work" has not paid any of it's staff and it's still not in there today.  Luckily I pay my bills in cash so have not incurred DD fees unlike many other colleages.

I was supposed to be going to Meze with Lauren and Vicki to see Blackened Soul (one of my old bands) Tuesday night. I have never seen them live and haven't been out with Lauren and Vicki for ages, but I couldn't go thanks to this which has upset me.

Every day since Tuesday we've had the same floor brief "we're sorry for the mess-up but the money will be in there tomorrow". This is sounding less and less believeable with every day that passes. I am now worried about my job, my home and my possessions.

It's a long month January and thanks to this, it's been and still is even longer.

Sadly this has put me into a deep depression. I'm just getting up, staring at my PC, going to work (for what it's worth), and coming home and going to sleep. If it wasn't for band practices (yesterday and tonight) I'd have probably gone insane. Feeling extremely hurt and upset, let down and useless to man or beast. I have actually cried. Being paid, I'm sure, will cancel these feelings. I just wish I knew when/if that was. The rubbish that managers at my place are dishing out is not fooling anyone there and tension is high. I can't make any plans to do anything until I know.

I was supposed to pay back Lauren over 80 on Tuesday and have let her down too because of this. Thankfully, because of the food she got me last week, I am still able to eat properly. My sister was going to borrow some money to keep her going and I haven't been able to do that either. I also owe my parents money (and had to borrow more last night just to keep going) and have rent and other bills waiting on this company to be decent.

I just hope we all get paid soon. I don't know what I'll do if we don't. I do know that that's the last straw with this company and I'll have to find another job soon or risk more hurt. I just hope I can get one quickly but even that is waiting on me having the money to do it. :(

Sorry about the above being as jolly as hemorrhoids, I had to document it though.... byeeeeeee!