Well, time for Lol and I to review a film we both watched last week!

Review: Final Destination III
Year: 2006

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Director : - James Wong
Written by : - Glen Morgan, James Wong & Jeffrey Reddick (characters)

Cast (in credits order)
Mary Elizabeth Winstead .... Wendy Christensen
Ryan Merriman .... Kevin Fischer
Harris Allan .... Roller Coaster Attendant
Jessica Amlee .... Young Girl
Texas Battle .... Lewis Romero
Jamie Isaac Conde .... Leon Equinox
Sandra-Jessica Couturier .... Carnival Goer
Amanda Crew .... Julie Christensen
Agam Darshi .... Laura (attached)
Sam Easton .... Frankie
Patrick Gallagher .... Colquitt
Gina Holden .... Carrie Dreyer
Alexz Johnson .... Erin
Alexander Kalugin .... Yuri Yershov
Kris Lemche .... Ian McKinley
Crystal Lowe .... Ashlynn
Maggie Ma .... Ling
Dustin Milligan .... Marcus
Cory Monteith .... Kahlil
Jesse Moss
Evan Pinsoneault .... Roller Coaster Operator
Chelan Simmons .... Ashley

Lauren's mini-review

Really elaborate freak accidents always get a thumbs up in my book! It's very similiar to the first one, except in this one, clues to the potential deaths are in the photos taken before the big accident. This is a actually decent gimmick that kinda draws you in to each of the upcoming deaths. Definitely not a good movie to watch before you eat.Well, the death scenes are the meanest in the series, bar none. I don't want to go into detail for the people that haven't seen the movie. Lots of head trauma. I rank it in the middle, personally. Better than 1, not as good as 2. The deaths are #1, though. 

SPOILER Close your eyes at the drive through scene if you don't like a rediculously ugly scene, I wish I would have SPOILER

ROBs, mini review

Not having seen the first two films but being aware of the basic plot I approached this film as a standalone. Luckily it only briefly refers to the other two and is only a sequel in terms of the basic no-escape-from-death outline. Characters are pretty thin, but then again this is a Final Destination film not Pride and Prejudice so for much of the time you are just wondering who will be next to "buy the farm" and how. There were some well, thought out and pretty sadistic deaths and a large amount of gore although some of the cgi effects were a little obvious. A little bit of nudity for the blokes also. Although this film has strengthened my already quite strong desire to not board rollercoasters, which is joined by not getting a tan! There was some funny moments too and all in all it wasn't a bad film to see in the cinema. 7/10 from me!