Rob is a champion, ask anyone who knows him! For those who don’t, here is a handy bite-size review

Top 10 things I love about rob

      1.        Best friend u ever could wish for
2.        Always there for u
3.        Not judgmental – accepts u for u!
4.        No matter how down he feels, he will always listen 2 ur problems 1st!
5.        Offers the best advice
6.        Has a brilliant sense of humor
7.        Is a ‘font’ of all knowledge
8.        Has a brilliant family
9.        Most caring, warm and honest person I know
10.     Lives by the curry box (hehe) didn’t wanna get too slushy!

Funny Rob Moments and Memories

1.        BLACKPOOL- When I went away with Rob to Blackpool we had an amazing time, the highlights of which were…. The ride that gradually undressed me as it went around!!!  I was flung everywhere and my clothes started to fall off, Rob on the other hand sat there as cool as a cucumber and didn’t move an inch! He did however comment that this would definitely be a good place to bring a 1st date as it does a lot of the hard working of getting them undressed for u!

2.        “VERIFY THIS” by far the funniest comment to ever pass Rob’s lips!  For those of you who don’t know, Rob is a Verifier in a call centre.  This is a remark he made whilst indicating that the thing he would of wanted verifying would provide him with great pleasure, but may of shocked the agent on the ‘receiving’ end (if u know what I mean -* nudge nudge wink wink *  It provided much chuckling in work that day and for a long time ever since!!

3.        KARAOKE- Rob loves karaoke and he’s pretty damn good at it too!!  We used to frequent The Carpenters pub when I lived in Newport and that was where I was 1st introduced to his skills..  The memory I am putting on this list is from when he WON the 1st ever Greenhouse Karaoke Competition.  I was there to witness the occasion along with his very proud family and some other friends.  He put in an absolutely amazing performance of Ozzys ‘Paranoid’ that would have made Ozzy proud himself.  The standing ovation and the crowd chanting for him will be a long lasting memory for me and I’m sure all that were put of that amazing atmosphere that night.

4.        WORK Working alongside rob for nearly 2 yrs was always a pleasure and never a chore, we used to keep each other entertained and motivated.  He put up with my ‘angry’ days my ‘OTT’ days and my ‘down’ days and helped me get through everyday.  Robs catchphrase should be ‘do be do be do’ as he is always humming this.  I made up a song for him that went like this –‘oh Robbie I am just a fool, cos darling I love u, do be do be do’

Heart Warming times

As with any person’s life, he has experienced up and downs, tragedies and horrors.  The amazing compassion that he handles this deserves a medal, but I can’t afford gold so here’s a mention instead –

1.        Sunny – Rob formed a wonderful relationship with my beautiful cat Sunny, 2nd only to mine.  The bond and love they shared brings a tear to my eye.  Its as if Sunny was telling ‘me he’s a good un!’  Unfortunately Sunny passed 25th Feb 2006 and will be greatly missed by myself and rob also.

2.        Greenhouse – Many a night I have spent in this pub with rob, but Rob was by far more a more regular punter than I was.  The heartwarming moment was only last weekend when Rob discovered the news that the greenhouse was to close – that night!  The way he has handled the news is brilliant, as instead of letting it bring him down, he is using it to sort out his life! Go rob!!

3.        Being there – I have witnessed Rob help his friend Dan B at the lowest ebb of his life, Rob proved he would sacrifice comfort and everything he could to help a friend.  Through Rob, Dan rebuilt his life after a break up and has since met and fell in love with one of Rob’s beautiful fiends Kat.  Good luck to the future for them both.

4.        Ian – Last but not least, I cannot go without mentioning Ian.  Ian was a long-term friend of Rob who passed last year.  I won’t go in to detail but it was extremely sudden and tragic.  Rob provided an incredible amount of support for Ian’s ex Nerys even though he had the huge burden of grief on his own shoulders.  In the brief time I knew Ian I got to see what a wonderful person he was and again he is missed and loved by Rob and myself.

Finally I would like to thank Rob, for through him I would not know the following people, including-

·         His Family – including his sister Leanne

·         Dan Bartlett, Kat, Dan Harris, Donal, Jeff, Phil, Owain and Tanya, Sarah, Ian, Nerys, Snitch (who is now engaged to my mate Vix!)

·         And last but not least ‘Sheriff’

Thanks 4 being a friend Wobbie!!