Here are some MODs by Coagulus. MP3 files of me singing one of my own, hand crafted songs (poorly!) and a cover clip of Sabbath's Paranoid!. A mini Amiga demo + MINI GAME FROM COAGULUS (for WinUAE)!!! Along with a SAM Coupe disk image I wrote in 1992!! AND A BISMUTH TRACK!!! Feel free to download anything that you find here.
  If you have the MODPLUG plug in installed (or a similar feature for your browser) clicking will play the mods. To download use a right click. The MP3s can be played with media player on Windows 98 or WinAMP or similar for your system (eg X11AMP for Linux). The Amiga files require WinUAE and the SAM disk requires SimCoupe or some sort of conversion software for real SAM Coupes. Enjoy (!).
      Fast game
      Hard Ammo
      DCE tune
      Game Tune
      Hard Conflict (strangest ever tune)
      Arising Again
      Terrestrial Truth

Sanity - MP3 joy!!! Coagulus sings!
(A very early work in progress)

      Sanity Devastation Lyrics (.TXT)
      Coagulus Amiga AGA Mini-Demo (zipped ADF)

requires an AGA emulator like WinUAE v0.88
Or a real AGA Amiga (If you convert the file)

      Coagulus Pairs AGA - ADF For WinUAE 0.8.8 (+) only.
(Will run on AGA Amigas but probably not well!)
Rob Hewitt's BASIC enjoyment (!) - Sam Coupe .DSK image for use in Simcoupe



Agressive Executioner - MP3 joy!!! BISMUTH track
Rob Hewitt - Lyrics, Vocals, Bass
Owain Vaughan - Rythm Guitar
James Vaughan - Lead Guitar



Paranoid - Original by Black Sabbath
a clip showing recording using a PC
Any objections from Black Sabbath
or their management and I wil delete it.

Rob Hewitt / Coagulus - Lyrics, Vocals, Bass
Rythm guitar, Lead Guitar, Mixing, etc....
Using real guitars but synth drums.


Turmoil Head - MP3 joy!!! Coagulus sings again! (Another very early work in progress - just a brief 400k snippet). I am still writing this so guitars, mix and vocals may change. Hope to bring you the full version soon.

Please note : If you are programming a game then please email me for permission because if you do like them I have about 300 more MODs which I've written. These files do however remain the intellectual property of myself (and James and Owain for the BISMUTH mp3) and infringements of copyright will be frowned upon severely! Copyright on all material remains the property of it's creator(s). "Paranoid" by Black Sabath and Westminster music/Castle Communications PLC.