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Apologies for a number of highly out of date pages (especially Music news) but I like reading old (even wrong) news!

The Coagulus Music Index 16 News, views and general bollocks on our sart o' ting. With Classic Album features
The Technology Chronicles 51 With Linux, Emulation and Programming sections, reviews and features.
The Misc Section 10 Anything which doesn't fit into the other categories. Including Classic Movies (!)
Download Page 16 original MP3s+MODS, SAM coupe disk image + new Amiga Game + Demo ADFs. New MP3 taster of forthcoming music from Coagulus!
The Gallery 45 Finally, the gallery now includes the Glastonbury 1999 photos!
Links to other sites 20 Plenty of places to spend some quality time (when you've finished here!!)
About the Protagonist 1 bits and pieces on me and a cheesy school photo!
Email Coagulus 3 With articles and comment or just general hob-nobbing shenanegans. NOT SPAM.
The Credits 1 Pointless page really but hey, there you go.
The Thermite section lots Thermites stuff, 'Coagulated' onto his own section!.