Up to 11th October 2005 

Site News
Well, I've not been in much as you can tell - the site update is going a lot slower than expected but hopefully I can get the missing stuff in this weekend! Got to redo a couple of sections as well and I still have a few reviews to post. Once the sections are up and running using frames means it's a lot easier to edit and update than it was before - I think!

Demon Orgy LIVE!!!!
We played the Meze Lounge again last Tuesday (with Winterheart, Ekodium, My Favourite Pornstar and Sicopathy) and it was great fun! Phil got the crowd going with an old Toxic Cocktail 'favourite' "ToXiC!" while we were setting up leading to shouts of "toxic!". We overran a bit which was probably due to me addressing the audience a bit too much and we had a few niggles due to the lack of practice together through illness and injury but as I said, it was great! Roll on the next one. I will add pictures to the gallery soon but you can also see them at if you can't wait till then! Also I've created a Henry The Black ringtone for my phone 'cos I'm a bit sad like that!

Other news  

What have I been up to since my birthday - lets see........

The Birthday!
Rachel, Beth, Donal and I went to Caerleon for my birthday - much beer was drunk, money was lost (and found again!) and we were merry! Cheers guys!

The Birthday Boozeup!
Was in the Greenhouse and I drank so much I thought I was going to die (not really but I was sozzled!) !!! I'll probably miss out loads who turned up but HI!!! to Sam, Lauren and Richard, Vicky and Andy, Donal, Dean, Jimmy, Lowey, Amy, Lianne (sis!), Mark, Ian, Dan and Kat (who bought me a DVD writer! Yay!), Gareth and Steph, Suzy and Dan and probably loads others! I think most of them bought me a drink to so you can imagine what condition I was in!

The Sunday
Went to the Bush in upper cwmbran with Rachel and Beth for a few drinks after my usual Sunday Dinner at my folks' place! Was a nice way to spend a Sunday actually - cheers again guys!

The GIG!
See above, but hi to Lauren, Richard, Vicky, Andy, James, Owain, Jeff, Charlie, Rhys, Dan and Kat (!), Rachel and Beth who provided good drinking partners and great support that night, not to mention the band members of course! Lauren and Richard stayed over mine that night as we all had the next day off and we spent a while mirroring pictures of each other and morphing them! Surprisingly entertaining!

Welcome Back James
yep, James Vaughan has returned to Wales for a few weeks and also managed to make it to the gig! Hi there mate!

Happy Birthday Dan D
Suzy's boyfriend/fiancee Dan has had a few (!) drinks in the Three Blackbirds for his birthday and I managed to make an appearance for a short while to congratulate him! Hope you had a good one mate!

Friday Boozin!
Firstly, after work, Rachel, Donal and I went to the Greenhouse for a couple. We then moved on to the Three Blackbirds (see above) for a couple. Rachel and I decided to go to Newport then so we met up with James and the gang in the Honblower for a couple and then on to TJ's for more than a couple - it was a great night despite the fact that I was knackered in work the next day! Hi to James, Owain, Tanya, Phil, Lauren, Vicky, Andy, Gareth and everyone else that I bumped into that night - my memory sucks a bit due to the amount of beer!

As for the weekend, I spent most of that recovering from Friday! Although Rachel and I did go to the Greenhouse for the traditional "thank goodness Monday is over" beer!

I probably forgot loads then but that's beer for you - Laterz - Byeeee!



27th September 2005