Coagulus Software Are :-

Rob Hewitt (Coagulus)
Code, Music, GFX, Design, Playtesting

Jason Witts (Thermite)
Graphics, Design, Music, Playtesting

Dan Harris (Panthur)
Code, GFX, Music, Design, Playtesting

Dan Bartlett (Dobbar)
Coding, Playtesting


11th July 2014 - See, I am still here occasionally!
Well, I'm still trying to convert my game JetHunt to the Amiga, it's progressing nicely albeit a little slowly. I'm determined to get this released on the computer I started it on though, check here for updates

However in the meantime, enjoy another Amiga release for all 1MB Amigas, Amiga4096 is a conversion of the classic phone/tablet/browser game 2048 and since I played it so much, I thought I'd do a version too! It's complete and took just over a month to write. Get it from the Download area in zipped .adf and .dms formats and say good bye to your free time! :-)

21st October 2012 - An update in the same year, good gravy!
After finishing JetHunt (still have to do a little bugfix release but it's done) I felt guilty that the computer I'd done most of the work on, the Amiga had been denied this game. I've decided to convert JetHunt back to that wonderful machine. As practice, I converted my game Timebomb to it first, get it from the Download area as a zipped .adf file for emulators or as a .dms file for real Amigas. It should work on most Amigas, loading a cut down version if you only have 512K of chip ram. Now back to converting JetHunt. Hopefully that won't take another 20 years!

27th August 2012 - I think I broke my previous record!!! - Nearly 7 years!!!
Yes, it's been a while since I did anything at all on the Coagulus website. I have been beavering away in the background though and the fruits of our labour is finally here. JetHunt is finished! And it's bloody hard. Now stop reading and go get it for Windows 95 and above.

22nd September 2005 - OVER A YEAR - A new record!!!
I have actually been pottering away with my projects but haven't actually been keeping up to date on the site!
So, here are the facts! - JetHunt HERO is back on! I have been working away on it and am looking forward
to at least getting a one-level tech demo up soon.

14th September 2004 - 7 month gap - WHAT!!!!
Well, it's been far too long between updates. That's partly due to PC issues, partly due to mental blocks and
working stupid hours, partly due to boozing and partly laziness. I have been working on bits and bobs but it
was all background universal routines such as my scripting routines and font and map stuff. JetHunt is on
temporary hold for a little while at least until these routines are finished but I am working on some simple
platformy stuff. Will bring more news and a new project page soon! I still haven't uploaded Infinity Pong
from Panthur yet. Whoops!

17th February 2004 - new member joy!!!
I'd like to welcome a new member to Coagulus Software, Dan Harris AKA Panthur. Having coded in Blitz3D
for a few days, he has already finished Infinity Pong. I need to add joystick support as it is keyboard only at
the moment but when it's finished - it'll be uploaded here! Also, I played the original HERO from Activision on
the Spectrum yesterday and realised that some gameplay tweaks are in order or else my version would be
insanely easy. I'll keep you posted of course

16th February 2004
Wow! check out the worklogs in Current Projects - three straight days of coding. I might actually finish this game soon. This would be great as I started working on JetHunt on the Amiga in around 1996-97 era. It's not the game I designed back then but a simpler version. Once finished though, these routines can be used in my original design without so much extra coding or coding from scratch which I hate! Keep checking the worklog to see if I can accomplish this - demo soon I hope!

11th February 2004
I am still coding but it's blooming hard - I get in from work at around 8:15 in the evening and am usually brain
drained by then and my coding abilities have faded. I have managed to do some small bits and bobs this
week but nothing new to show you yet. Hopefully I'll bring you something to whet your appetite on the weekend
as I will be staying in all Saturday without distraction. My creativity should return then! This message is just to
let you know that things are progressing but very slowly - especially for a game which should have taken just
a few weeks not months! Doh!

5th February 2004
AAAArgh - PC crash! Had to restore everything (including this site!) from backups - back on track I think!
Asked by Uncle to work on some games for him - Will bring you more news on this and add worklogs soon
Updated worklog for JetHunt HERO in Current Projects.

17th December 2003 - Christmas getting in the way but I'm still going
Updated worklog for JetHunt HERO in Current Projects.

9th December 2003 - Sorry, lost focus for a second - blimmin Christmas dontcha know!
Added new worklog for JetHunt HERO in Current Projects.
Added link to Links section

17th November 2003
Added new worklog for JetHunt HERO in Current Projects.

11th November 2003
Worklogs and simple demo of animation system added for JetHunt HERO in Current Products.

9th November 2003
Started on finishing some of my unfinished projects now that I have a stable system(s) to work on. Coming
soon JetHunt. There may be some other projects soon to be restored or perhaps even
completed! I'll keep you posted!

28th October 2003
Having a bit of a clearout of my old code/demos so here is Deathchase Demo. I wrote it to test my 3d
calculations to see if they were accurate. It's quite entertaining considering there's no real game. I probably
won't finish it so I have uploaded it as is for you guys to see. Hopefully there should be more little games or
even another remake coming soon! Find DCDEMO in the Download section!
Plus I changed the background colour here as I couldn't see the cursor while editing!!

26th October 2003
Added a quick, simple, buggy and probably very dull but done game - Wormy The Worm-llike Snake to the
download section.

17th October 2003
Timebomb has been added to
World of Spectrum's list of remakes and has been mentioned on! I shall be uploading more stuff soon! Honest!

30th September 2003
Major upload for the whole site - the Downloads section is up and running. Uploaded Timebomb and Pairs
for now - more to come soon. Pages added under Products for both games also. Added Links page for
sites I use or have used to create the software available here.

26th August 2003
Still getting stuff together - trying to do this properly. Timebomb and Pairs will be here soon, they just need a
bit of tweaking. Also the buttons on the left lead nowhere yet - It will be up by the weekend.

23rd August 2003
Started getting my stuff together for this part of the site - this will take a while as it's spread over a lot of CDs
and different PCs. I thought I'd go for a different style than my usual type thing and I've opted for a very blue
screen - Do not adjust your eyes!

Uploads soon as I find all my stuff - It will come!