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No Description Length Size Artist(s)/Author(s) Download / Filename Comments Coagulus is...
1 Aggressive Executioner 4m36s 1.05MB biae.mp3 Early Bismuth recording from 1996 (!) made by dangling a mic between amps! Bass, Vocals
2 A Burial To Bury All 3m24s 1.56MB burial.mp3 Same session as above. I had a sore
throat so Owain is on vocals here!
3 The Wheel Of The Times (test) 4m22s 1.99MB wheeldemo.mp3 My first tune mixed and recorded in my flat I can't sing properly in my flat but oh well! All of it!
4 Sanity Devastation (full test) 5m27s 2.49MB sanity.mp3 Again my dodgy in-flat vocals - this track was originally written for BISMUTH. All of it!
5 Blackened Soul
(short clip)
bs.mp3 A brief clip of Blackened Souls while
Phil and me were there
6 Wheel Of The Times
(live? In the studio with TC)
49s 386KB wheellive.mp3 Snippet of me trying Wheel in the studio.
I don't think TC will be doing it but was fun!
All of it
(bar laughs!)
7 Gutfest 3m23s 1.55MB tcgutfest.mp3 Toxic Cocktail a few months ago playing
the first ever Bismuth track Owain roars!
8 Scarifaction 4m19s 1.97MB scarifaction.mp3 Another studio rehearsal track from
Toxic Cocktail Nice Welsh accent Gaz!!!
9 A Burial To Bury All
LIVE 2003!!!
3m24s 1.36MB buriallive.mp3 A bit lower than originally! A dodgy mix
as it was taped to DV but the only copy!
Bass, Vocals
10 Cool Jam 8m16s 1.89MB ROB,JIM,PHIL cooljam.mp3 A recording of us jamming from around
96 good even though there are no drums!!!
Bass, (+ Jims
Wah Pedal!)
11 Moment of Mankind
(very early WIP test)
6m12s 2.48MB moment.mp3 Yet again dodgy in-flat vocals - track
is using synth guitars. No vocals in the
slow centre bit and one looped verse.
This also has an acoustic solo (!). New
version soon I hope.
All of it!
12 Rob Sings Gaz on Drums Jam 4m19s 1.97MB
(Sort of!)
RobSings91103.mp3 A Studio Jam with Gaz on the drums. So I decided on some impromptu vocals!!! Vocals(!)
13 TC Jam: Rubber Neckers 3m48s 1.74MB TCjam.mp3 Another Jam with Gaz back on the vocals! We thought he was saying Knickers!!! Drums
14 Terrestrial Truth
(featuring Phil Page)
3m44s 3.41MB
Feat. Phil Page
truth.mp3 Collaboration between the mighty Phil Page of Toxic Cocktail and one of my old compositions. Backing
and Bass
(WIP - working title)
1m50s 1.68MB
dday.mp3 New composition worked on for an hour
or two by Phil Page and myself - sounds
good especially as it's done on a PC with
free software!
and post

1 and 2. Bass and Vocals (1)- Rob, Guitar and Vocals (2) - Owain, Lead - Jim (Bismuth), Drums - Arch ProTracker - Around 1995/1996 - recorded using a mic to tape in Malpas, Newport
3 and 4. Bass, Guitar, Lead, Synth, Drums (ModPlug Tracker - PC), vocals Rob (Coagulus)- Around 2001 - recorded in Thornhill, Cwmbran by plugging instruments/mics into the back of my PC!
5. Bass - Simon, Drums - Darren, Guitar - Mike, Lead - Phil, Vocals - Rob (Blackened Souls)- Recorded in 2002 at Mirage Studios Cwmbran to CD using multiple microphones
6. Vocals - Rob, Laughter and applause (!), Owain Phil Gareth and Tanya - Recorded in winter 2002 at Mirage Studios by DV camera - and sung live over original backing recording done in my flat
7and 8. Bass - Ian, Guitar (Vocals for 7 only) - Owain, Lead - Phil, Drums - Rob, Vocals (for 8 only)- Gareth (Toxic Cocktail) - Summer 2003 at Mirage Studios Cwmbran using mics to CD.
9. Bass and Vocals- Rob, Guitar - Owain, Lead - Jim (Bismuth), Drums - MP3 Player in the PA - 31st August 2003 Mirage studios. Recorded by DV then converted to MP3
10. Bass - Rob, Guitar - Phil, Wah Guitar - Jim (with Rob operating the pedal for some reason!) - recorded around 96/97 in Malpas Newport using a mic to audio tape
11. All instrument done using Modplug Tracker apart from the solo which was recorded live on an un-amped guitar. All by Rob - early test version full one may differ slightly!
12. Guitars - Owain and Phil, Drums - Gareth, Vocals (?) - Rob - Recorder on DV at Transpose Music Rooms - Albany Trading Estate, Newport on the 11th of September 2003
13. Bass - Ian, Guitar - Owain, Lead - Phil, Drums - Rob, Vocals Gareth (Toxic Cocktail) - Summer 2003 at Mirage Studios Cwmbran using mics to CD.
14. Bass - Rob and Guitar - Phil - All other instruments rendered using Modplug Tracker - New recording 20th May 2004 in my flat
15. Bass - Rob (and backing in ModPlug Tracker) and Guitar - Phil - New recording 6th June 2004 in my flat

1 and 2. BISMUTH 1995-present
3 and 4. Rob Hewitt AKA Coagulus 1992 to present
5.Blackened Souls now Blackened Soul - Copyright: BeefMusic. if you guys object to this short clip it'll be removed immediately without question. It is here only to illustrate our time with you lot!!
6.Rob Hewitt AKA Coagulus
7.BISMUTH 1995-present - Cover by Toxic Cocktail 2003
8. Toxic Cocktail AKA The Phil Page Band (2002 to present)
9.BISMUTH 1995-present
10.Rob,Phil and Jim - around 96/97 - ish!
11.Rob Hewitt AKA Coagulus 2003
12.Toxic Cocktail (in a wierd configuration!)
13. Toxic Cocktail AKA The Phil Page Band (2002 to present)
14. Coagulus and Phil Page (1995 to new recording 2004)
15. Coagulus - Pagey 2004


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No Description Type Length Size Author Download / Filename ...............................................Comments..................................................
1 Fast Game MOD 3m08s 55KB COAGULUS fastgame.mod One of my game tunes - I think it was for (will be for) a apace shoot em up.
2 Hard Ammo MOD 4m01s 87KB COAGULUS hardammo.mod One of my game tunes- I think it was for (will be for) a platform shoot em up.
3 Dance Tune MOD 1m42s 59KB COAGULUS dcetune.mod A different type of tune for me - probably for another SEU
4 Game Tune MOD 3m08s 127KB COAGULUS gametune.mod One of my game tunes - I think it was for (will be for) a platform game
5 Newrythm MOD 3m35s 84KB COAGULUS newrythm.mod One of my game tunes - I think it was for (will be for) a high score table
6 Hard Conflict MOD 3m46s 59KB COAGULUS conflict.mod A stranger tune by me - one of my first - Can't remember why I wrote it!
7 Universe MOD 2m43s 149KB COAGULUS universe.mod Spooky spacey tune - must use this in a game someday
8 Arising Again MOD 3m21s 118KB COAGULUS arising.mod Going through my spooky flutey phase - I'd played Shadow of the Beast!
9 Terrestrial Truth MOD 3m33s 183KB COAGULUS truth.mod Another spooky/mellow mod this time in a bit of a J M Jarre style.
10 At Agreement MOD 2m56s 84KB COAGULUS mod.atagreement.mod One of my game tunes - Used on the Amiga version of Coagulus Pairs.
11 Bob of MOP MOD 4m15s 96KB COAGULUS mod.bobofmop.mod One of my old tunes - when i wrote as the Master Of Puppets (!)
12 CCbeat MOD 2m41s 52KB J.VAUGHAN mod.ccbeat.mod One of Jimmy's tunes - I did my own version of it below!
13 CCbeat - DC MOD 1m47s 48KB COAGULUS mod.ccdirectorscut.mod CCbeat Directors cut - my 'reimagining' of the tune when I lost it!
14 Keep Alert MOD 2m10s 78KB COAGULUS mod.keepalert.mod One of my game tunes - Used for the High Scores in my Timebomb remake
15 Peaceful Chaos XM 4m57s 125KB COAGULUS pchaos.xm I wrote this for a game Jim and Owain were writing on the Archimedes.
16 Turmoil Head XM 1m52s 395KB COAGULUS turmoil.xm One of my homebrew metal tunes - I start with a WIP mod - this is it
17 Wheel of the Times MOD 4m22s 803KB COAGULUS wheel.mod Just to prove it was written in a tracker - heres the mod. MP3 in other section.
18 Gutfest XM 2m41s 400KB BISMUTH? gutfest.xm My attempt at doing a Bismuth tune as a mod. Got tune slightly wrong! Doh!

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them for most computers from the Atari ST, Amiga, Linux, PC, Archimedes, MAC etc.

These were written using the following programs:-

ProTracker (Amiga)
ProTracker + TechTracker (Archimedes)
ModPlug Tracker (PC Windows)
FastTracker (PC DOS)



Not much here yet, it will grow once I dig out and convert the video files. They are mainly of Toxic Cocktail at the moment until I get some more
but they are crunched far more than originally. The SPOF file was 385MB shrunk to 17.7MB - AND 2.6MB! Now that's crunched!

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Single Point of Failure

Single Point of Failure







The first time we venture into the studio and recorded this
song. L-R Owain (guitar), Gareth (Vocals), Ian (bass),
Rob (drums), Phil (lead). The song is very short but for
some reason it seems a lot longer! I like it anyway even
though I'm knackered after doing the drums. I need more


Trading Licks 2 7.3MB

(Although Gaz doesn't sing!)



The first time at our new studio - Transpose Music Rooms
in Newport. This was a jam we did in between tracks. We
do a lot of jamming and now and again, these end up as
part of our full tracks. Not much for Gareth to do on this
but he's on the vid pacing around and getting the vibe!


Newport Harcore 5.42MB

(And J.Witts on bass-unseen)



Time to start writing a new song! This is our first jam of
a song currently called Newport Hardcore. Nothing was
written beforehand as our best work seems to come
from us jamming! This song got several verses, a guitar
solo and a crash ending all created on-the-fly! Proves we
can work together anyhow! Mr.Jason Witts is on the bass
today and this may be the last time Rob is on the drums!


Scarifaction 3.32MB

(And J.Witts on camera)



Low quality but just-watchable vid of us in the studio doing
the other of our currently finished songs - Scarifaction. My
drumming has been better but I'm going back on the
bass soon anyway! Gareth really got into the vocals on
this version. Plenty of emotion even if Jason did knock a
guitar over while filming - check out the reactions from
Owain and Phil - classic.

Tracks 1-4 - All music, video and lyrics (c) copyright TOXIC COCKTAIL 2002-Present