When I write a song or a piece of music wholly on my own I write under the name Coagulus. I wrote a tune on my Amiga in around 1993 and
I chose the name Coagulus then. I believe our group was called Criterion and was Gareth under the name Blacky and myself. I resurrected
the name when I got a web connection in 1999 and started my first website as it was hard to find a log in and email address which wasn't
already used - so Coagulus it was. Anything I've recorded or written on my own since then goes under that name.


9th June 2004
Phil came down again on Sunday the 6th and we laid down our first original track together with the working title of DDAY (since it was the
60th anniversary of D-Day) - check out what we came up with in the
Download section now!

21st May 2004
Phil (Toxic Cocktail) and I did some tests yesterday to see if we could write music together in the flat. He laid a new solo down for Wheel Of
The Times
and did an entire guitar track for my old composition Terrestrial Truth. The latter is now in the Download section as an MP3.
Hoping to get together again on Saturday to record some more stuff. Will bring it to you when it happens! It's amazing how quick stuff can get
laid down when there are two of us. And also amazing is how quick it is to mix recorded tracks together on my PC. Check out the initial
results in the Download section. More to come......

Old news

Added two early demos done in my flat Sanity Devastation and The Wheel of the Times to the Download section along with a snippet of
me trying to sing Wheel in the studio (we only managed to catch the end on DV - doh!).
Linked to all the MOD files on the site in the
Download section.

Sanity was a Tracker module written by myself on the Amiga for Bismuth's use originally but we never rehearsed or recorded it. A few years
ago I overdubbed very dodgy vocals on it to get the right notes/placings. And two years ago I dubbed a few layers of real guitars over this
recording and this version in the one that appears here. The older versions I believe are in the site archives.

Wheel was written for Toxic Cocktail but the recording here is all my own. Instruments were plugged into my PC and sessions recorded.
These were then mixed together and some effects added to create the version here. Again the vocals are dodgy but give an indication of
what the songs would sound like when recorded properly although I was very impressed by the quality of mixing I got.

SOFTWARE USED:- ModPlug Tracker (Windows), ProTracker (Amiga), Dance Ejay (!)(Windows)
EQUIPMENT:- Tandy/Radio Shack Keyboard, Arbiter guitar, Metal Zone pedal, Unknown Bass, Cheap microphone and my gob/fingers!

I've discovered that it is nigh on impossible for me to sing with full emotion or power in my flat. I have a tendancy to whisper and croak a bit
on the recordings. Check out differences in the download section between my songs and the Blackened Souls and Wheel (Live?) clips.
Sanity is very croaky!!! When doing kareoke or in the studio this doesn't happen so I'm obviously too neighbour-conscious! Ah well, I may do
them properly live one day! If I can persuade TC do play along, not sure if my solo stuff is their bag though!

Coagulus NEWS
The Coagulus solo rock EP is go. Inspired by Phil Page who is also doing some guitar work on his own ( and also by the fact
that I keep playing my old computer music on the guitar. I think I'll have a go. Should be uploaded (or at least some) by Christmas. At least
two tunes are ready to play - Jethunt title and a cover of the classic Rob Hubbard C64 tune for Delta. I hope to record them soon! Obviously
These will take some work to record on my own but they're instrumental so at least I don't have to sing in the flat!