27 August 2012
It's finally done. Didn't do the website for ages, carried on with life, then a few years ago got the coding bug back again. And it's finished! Head to the download section and go get it. :-)

14 September 2004
Had a bit of a mental block so working on a quick simple single-screen game to test all the routines that WILL
be used in JetHunt. It's on hold till that's finished but should move quickly once that's done. Fingers crossed!
However, map, music, gfx, animation and sprite scripting routines are all DONE!!! Yay!

16 February 2004 - still flowing - fingers crossed!
Finished animation routines on main sprite - it looks and works good! - now to work on my input routine

15 February 2004
Worked on control system - got gravity and inertia working - no animation, map collision or firing yet
made demo with basic base collision to test input routines - they still need work but will be finished
Various tweaks to existing codes
Getting a flow again?

14 February 2004
Entered BASTARD routines into code - they'll need to be altered but are usable so they're in!
Started on control, movement, animation and collision routines for the hero
Partially implementing movement routine done in 2001 for my original JetPac remake JetHunt!
(this way, at least I don't have to write the inertia from scratch again - ah reuseable code!)
added forgotten to-do routines

11 February 2004 - quick update on progress
Optimised B.A.S.T.A.R.D. to allow nested loops thus shortening code
Other game design aspects in progress while in work
Got additional coder and musician if needed! I'll see what happens (or if I get any slower - whoops!)

5 February 2004 - just as I start - my PC dies
Had to reinstall and repair my PC, everything had to be restored from backups
At least I backed up my entire coding directory before the crash took out my HD
Should be doing some more tonight - will bring a new demo when it's finished
Be patient - and remember PC's get ill too! Blooming things!

29 January 2004 - Whoops no flow, lets try again
Christmas and a very skint month nearly over - time to reacquaint myself with the code
Got Reshack for replacing the nonexistant Blitzplus executable icon - I just need Jase to draw one!
Did some more file organising, music sfx gfx etc
I now know what routines need to be written or imported so I'm sort of back on track!
Should be back to coding soon - I know if I get a flow going this game won't take long but stupid hours in work
and system problems have scuppered me so far - I'm progressing but very slowly. ETA now is late February
or March at the latest for at least a few levels in a demo - this will be freeware but drawing the levels will take
up most of the time - I want at least 20 before the full version in unleashed! Be patient and let me pull my own
hair out - there's enough of it!
I'll bring another tech demo to prove I'm coding next week - probably the main sprite control demo. L8Rs

17 December 2003 - what! getting a flow?
Ditched my old font routine as I'd used it on everything so far and was fed up with it!
Using Seth Jeffery's (Cyberseth) fontlib and creation app to make funky new bitmap fonts
Wrote test for fonts - they work great!
Converted gfx to png as this format is much smaller than 24 bit bitmap!

16 December 2003 - yep, stiil working on it!
Got map to work - a basic test using test blocks here (hold escape for a few seconds to quit it!)
Started work on control system and added to do list to source as list of functions to write
added old font routines from Timebomb:The Remake - can't be bothered to write new ones as they work!

9 December 2003 (After a bit of a break - whoops)
Created a to do list so i can keep track of all the things I need to do while programming this game.
Decided on Map editor -
Mappy by Robin Burrows has all the Blitz functions I need and is a good free editor!
Will put to do list on here so you can see my progress - hopefully this week!

17 November 2003
Amended B.A.S.T.A.R.D. to allow up to 100 sprites onscreen (probably too many for this game but it's
always good to have upgrade potential - the routine would probably be OK with thousands - well, on a fast
enough PC anyhow! I hope to have the first assemblence of a playabable game by the end of the week. I'm
collecting some sound FX at the moment - the game will have options for sound FX, Music, or both. I hope!
If the B.A.S.T.A.R.D. runs well, I will keep this for all my non AI sprites in all my 2d games! I'm not looking
forward to doing a 3D version in the future! I know where I am in 2D! Eh?

11 November 2003
Wrote animation system to animate baddies - yay - progress - just need to modularise it for insertion into the
real game code now! View the test (if you have to at ) - don't expect
miracles but I just thought I'd add proof!

10 November 2003
Got directories and gfx together, obtained working map editor with code for loading and saving.
Played original again to refresh my memory
Gave gfx to Jason - is updating them
Writing animation system (B.A.S.T.A.R.D. - Basic Automation System to Animate Repeating Denizens)
- I should finish this and some other groovy parts this week

Note - this is a very early mockup of the game - it may differ greatly from this